Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

This page is intended to provide students and parents with information on scholarships and bursaries that are available. No list of scholarships could possibly be complete. Treat this information as a starting point, not as a final destination.


Searching and applying for scholarships is time-consuming. Be prepared to put in the work required, it pays off in the end.
Watch deadlines! Apply, apply, apply!!

Scholarships typically fall into three major categories:

  • Merit: Based on student's academic, artistic, volunteer, leadership, community service, or other forms of extra-curricular activity.
  • Need: Based on students who require, and can demonstrate financial need.
  • Student Specific: For students from minority groups, or who have identified a special need, a specific skill, or affiliation, or hobbies.

Keep your marks, athletics, leadership, and volunteer work at an outstanding level and stay positive. Give references enough time and information to write great reference letters. You know you are awesome, believe in yourself!

Scholarship Scams, How do I avoid them?

Scam Warning Signs:

  • you have to pay a fee
  • they ask for a credit card or bank account number
  • they have a logo of your bank or credit card company
  • make claims that seem too good to be true

Never give out your Social Security Number or PIN Numbers