Administration Message

Administrative Message

Welcome to Morinville Community High School! As a newcomer to MCHS I am excited to be a part of a vibrant, collaborative community striving to ensure our students are given every opportunity to succeed during their time here. It is through hard work, dedication, commitment, and often sacrifice that will help you to achieve success. Our amazing staff is here to walk with you through your journey, and help you navigate the high school experience. MCHS is a safe, caring, and welcoming community where we believe successes and failures come hand in hand. What is important is how we handle our failures, and whether we can stand up, accept the challenge and try again. Through a partnership with staff, students, parents and community it is our hope that we will develop creative and inquisitive minds, who will challenge and question the world around them in order to make a better place for all of us. 

At MCHS, we believe in HOWLS (Honour, Ownership, Welcoming, Leadership, Safety) and support all students. This is part of the Wolves’ attitude. We invite you to participate in athletics, fine arts, Student Council and any of our clubs and many activities. You are encouraged to participate fully in the life of MCHS. We are a caring, faith-filled community of learners. We think you will find it makes a big difference when you participate in and contribute to the life of your school. We have created a Viewbook which highlights everything you need to know about the courses offered at MCHS. The purpose of this viewbook is to help you choose the high school courses that will assist you to explore, plan, and make a transition to post-secondary institutions or the world of work. We hope that you will look seriously at our offerings and choose courses that are appropriate to and will enhance your abilities and talents. Your program choices should create a strong and positive focus for success. In addition to your course selection, plan to get involved in the extra-curricular activities. We offer a broad and excellent program that will only grow stronger with your participation. You will share your journey with a talented and committed staff, a positive and supportive community, a diverse community of learners, and concerned and supportive parents. We are pleased that you want to be a student at Morinville Community High School and look forward to working with you.

Damon Clayton