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Parents and students may be searching for additional resources to assist. The first place to look for assistance is to talk to your classroom teacher. The resources in this guide are in addition to those provided by teachers.

The information provided in this guide includes that of a variety of businesses and individuals that offer educational services. We are including information on them, but are not endorsing any individual service. It is up to the consumer to determine if the service provided by a business meets their expectations for additional learning and cost.

Diploma Exam Preparation Courses

There are a number of commercial providers that offer additional resources for Alberta high school students as they prepare for the Diploma Exam period. Students and parents need to analyze the resource to determine which program best meets their individual needs. Courses are available at different locations and for different prices.

 Rock the Diploma  (RTD) RTD will be offering prep courses in Math 30-1, Math 30-2, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Social 30-1, English 30-1, Physics 30 and more.  Students wishing to take these courses must contact RTD directly to book spaces. RTD also offers other Diploma courses at other locations.

 Success 2000 – Review Courses are available in January and June for students in grades 7 to 12 preparing for Final & Diploma Exams. 

Besides Diploma Exam and Final Exam Review Courses, Success 2000 also offers Tutoring Services- individualizes one hour sessions, Homework Monitoring-daily after school homework help for students, Study Skills Workshops.  View Success 2000 for details and for more information regarding costs and availability. 

APEX Diploma Prep – offers the diploma exam preparation for  Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, Math 30-1, Social Studies 30-1

School Final Exam Preparation

There are a number of different commercial providers for 10 and 20 level school final exams.

Success 2000 – www.success2000studycentres.ca Check their website for a series of 10 and 20 level courses

Practice Exams There are a two primary services available for both Diploma Exams and school final exams.

Alberta Exam Bank Grade 9 and 12 practice exams

Quest A+ -  Grade 9 to 12 practice exams

Diploma Exam Guides for Students

The guides have been prepared by members of Alberta Education's Learner Assessment Branch. These individuals develop the Diploma Exams and have first-hand experience assessing thousands of examinations written by high school students each year. The purpose of the guides is to provide students with information that will increase the likelihood of their success in the examination.

Student Guide Alberta Education - Writing Diploma Exams - Exemplars - Previous Diploma Exams and Answer Keys

Online Tutoring Services

Different services are possible and the Khan Academy is one that students may already be familiar with.

Khan Academy -  All subject areas

Math 30-1 - Math 30-1


There are a number of tutors that are available throughout the region that offer a variety of services. No business or individual is endorsed by MCHS.

Success 2000 

Sylvan Tutoring Program

University of Alberta Students' Union -Tutors in Edmonton  


Optimum Tutoring

Learn On 

Oxford Learning