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Sept. 17

Students turned in their writing assignment that was due:  Part III of the 1/2 way test for TKAM We read to the end of chapter 16 in TKAM

Sept. 16

Today we finished our discussion on chapters 12-14 as a prelude to the trial.

Sept. 15

Today students submitted their weekly ORT (they got the new one yesterday) We read aloud chapter 12 and they have to read to the end of 14 for tomorrow

Sept. 14

Today students wrote the 1/2 way test for To Kill A Mockingbird.  There is a take-home portion as well which is due on Thursday this week.

Sept. 11

Completion of book one discussion including: *Reminder:  the test for TKAM book one is on Monday - it is open note, but closed book

Sept. 10

Finishing levels of questions and discussing "up to" chapter 9 Finish book one for tomorrow

Sept. 9

To Kill A Mockingbird:  chapters 1-7 - levels of questions Read to page 9 for tomorrow *Return ORTs

Sept. 8

Today we worked on chapters 1-5 in TKAM. The main focus was on how to complete comprehensive characterization profiles. There was a handout to complete.   Students submitted ORT # 1 (and got ORT # 2) - see folder if you were absent.

Sept. 3

Today we finished reading up to the end of chapter 1 in TKAM ***Handout:  Expectations for chapter captures

April 20

Today we finished reading the story:  The Broken Globe Post-reading:  Basing your reflection on either The Broken Globe or Panache discuss WHY people are prejudice.  What is the root source of irrational hate? ***Include in your discussion a portion…

April 16

Students passed in their independent novel studies. We did a word matrix on discrimination. We read and discussed the short story:  Panache by W.P. Kinsella

April 15

***REMINDER:  All the independent novel work is due tomorrow. TODAY: a)  We worked on the flow chart for the short story:  Penny In The Dust b)  We worked on the THEME writing for the story c)  Worked on the THESIS STATEMENTS for the story d)  Students…

April 14

Today we started our "thematic" unit on "themes parallel to the themes in To Kill a Mockingbird" SEE THE HANDOUT in "Pages" - the important documents a)  We did the pre-reading for Penny in the Dust b)  We did the reading and annotation of Penny in…

March 25

Day 3 of 4 in the workshop for writing Critical Analytical Essays Today's focus: a)  Writing fully developed body paragraphs b)  Writing effective conclusions

March 24

Today was the second day of four in a series of workshops designed to help students understand the PURPOSE and EXPECTATIONS that go into writing a fully developed CRITICAL ANALYTICAL RESPONSE TO LITERATURE. Today we worked FIRST on how to compose effective…

March 23

Today we prepared for the upcoming essay on Life of Pi a)  We talked about the difference between critical paragraph writing and critical essay writing b)  We read the instructions for the Life of Pi essay c)  We began the process for deconstructing…

March 19

Today students had to submit their RANTS for Life of Pi (NOT ON MONDAY...TODAY) ***Handout:  The essay for Life of Pi (which is attached to the documents if a student loses it) ***Discussion:  What was Life of Pi really about...     We went through…

March 18

Students finished their Romeo and Juliet examinations

March 17

Students submitted their critical analysis double paragraph writing. Today was the R/J unit examination - the MC had to be finished. The writing needs more time - tomorrow morning for 1/2 block.

March 16

Mrs. WW was away - becoming a Double Whammy Grammie! ***Students had the opportunity to share the results of their critical/analytical paragraph writing. Assignment:  submit a paragraph discussing what you learned about: a)  critical analytical writing…

March 12

Today students had their final lab class to create the RANT for Life of Pi

March 11

All present !:)   THE CALENDAR TOOK A HUGE HIT...THERE ARE MANY, MANY CHANGES...PLEASE CHECK IT OUT.   Today students working in groups to deconstruct "who's to blame".  It's a jigsaw puzzle; today they went to their expert groups.  Monday they'll…

March 10

First we finished the R//J movie. Then we formed groups of 6...for a purpose that will be revealed tomorrow. Block 4:  we went to the CTS lab for students to work on their rants which are due on Thursday.

March 9

Today we FINISHED reading Romeo and Juliet **REMINDER that the Rant for Life of Pi is due BY Thursday.

March 5

a)  Firstly I told students that I had re-organized the calendar to ensure unit completion in reasonable timeframes b)  Today we completed the Cycles of Argument (faith vs. science; hope vs. despair).  We left # 8 (on the sheet) undone, but # 1 through…

March 4

Firstly we did some stock taking for the events of yesterday's reading...what "position" was Juliet in?  the Friar? Then we finished the ACT (4) ...  Juliet took a selfie and we "buried her".  Will she be o.k.?   The Friar gave the Capulets some…

March 3

Students passed in their Monologue work AND their take-home "essay" on Curiosity We debriefed and read Romeo and Juliet up to p. 245 (Act 4, scene 5)

March 2

Reminder:  what's due tomorrow:   a)  ***  Review of Juliet's monologue...  It must be done by tomorrow PLEASE b)  PeRT on Curiosity!   REMINDER for later ... for Wednesday:  Read Life of Pi and finish the cycles of argument up to the end of…

Feb. 26

ORT 3C due + Trader Cards Writing given out - due next Tuesday. Cycles of Argument out...  (there's a copy in the important documents) - FINISH UP TO # 4   Reminders:  Juliet's monologue, timeline and reading for Life of Pi

Feb. 25

ORT 3B was submitted The computers were down this morning, so I couldn't print the material for today's lesson.  So...we improvised.   a)  We discussed the "important events"/memories of life on the Pacific for Pi (up to page 196) b)  Students in…

Feb. 24

ORT 3A submitted Trader card time (waiting for Math contest students to arrive) Recap of yesterday's scene for R/J Close Textual reading:  figuring out HOW TO read Shakespeare - using Juliet's monologue as a sample piece...students worked on this in…

Feb. 23

ORT 3 (all three sections) given out:  A is due tomorrow; B on Wednesday; C on Thursday Life of Pi trader cards - more time given Romeo and Juliet - III, i and ii

Feb. 20

Students submitted their ORT # 2 In groups:   Students were to take stock of the influence of zoology, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in so far as they affect "Pi"...   They are creating trader cards to reveal their understanding of that influence.…

Feb. 19

Today we finished Act II and almost completed the viewing for it

Feb. 18

Today ORT 2A was submitted We worked on The Balcony Scene and finishing up our viewing from Act I

Feb. 17

1.  ORT 2A and 2B were given out:  2A is due tomorrow. 2.  Passbacks:  writing for "Awestruck" 3.  Review:  the "love chart"...      We discussed the need to ALWAYS provide:  (opinion + (context + proof)) +analysis = INSIGHT      As an example…

Feb. 13

*Students signed out their Independent Novels. * We watched comparative films on Romeo and Juliet.

Feb. 12

Today students finished their first ORT...those who were absent will need to complete it tomorrow.   We went over the extensive instructions for the Independent Novel Project.

Feb. 11

Today we finished reading Act I of Romeo and Juliet Further, we DISCUSSED it and went "step by step" through the Pilgrim's Prayer. Students have to FINISH their graphic organizers on "versions of love" for tomorrow. Students submitted their ORTs (1B)…


Today was a Performance Day...we met Lady Capulet and the Nurse. Setting up comparison and contrast chart for 6 different versions of "love": 1.  The Servants 2.  Benvolio 3.  Romeo - as the play OPENS 4.  Lord Capulet 5.  Lady Capulet 6.  The…

Feb. 9

Today we had a splendid day with ORT intervention!!  (LOL) We completed Victorian Grandmother.  Catfish is due on Wednesday.

Feb. 4

1.  Writing submitted 2.  ORT - focus on Text Structures:        Poetry; Fiction; Non-Fiction 3.  Romeo and Juliet - the Prologue...figuring it out and "performance"

Feb. 3

Today we focussed on getting our materials and setting up units for the "long run". 1. Romeo and Juliet books out:  parts chosen 2.  Life of Pi out 3.  Venn Diagram 4.  Reminder:  Writing due tomorrow.

Feb. 2

Today we had a lovely day of discussion and introduction.  We went over the course outline and had a deep discussion about W5!!!   Viewing: a)  John Green:  Crash Course - Why We Read Literature b)  Jason Silva:  The Biological Advantage of Being…

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