Social 20-1 News, Notes and Homework


Homework 02/17/2016

We continued our discussion of the French Revolution.  We reviewed the events of the Storming of the Bastille and discussed the documentary we viewed on 02/16/2016 about the event.  We discussed the chart that corresponds with the documentary in the…

Homework 02/16/2016

Source Analysis was due last Friday, Feb. 12. These must be handed in! Today, we discussed the causes of the French Revolution and watched a documentary on one of the events that is deemed to be the beginning of the French Revolution - the Storming of…

Homework 02/10/2016

Coat of Arms Assignment = due Feb 11 (Thursday) Chapter 1 MC Open Booklet quiz - no TEXTBOOK - Feb 11 (Thursday) WA#1 - Source Analysis = due Feb 12 (Friday)

Homework 02/08/2016

Chapter 1 MC quiz coming up.... Coat of Assignment tomorrow!  Due Thursday, Feb 11/2016. Source Analysis coming up on Wednesday. Due Friday, Feb 12/2016.  

Homework 01/04/2016

Happy 2016!  Welcome back! Students are right back into the swing of things. Source Analysis tomorrow - Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8!  Closed Book! Multiple Choice test Wednesday - same chapters!  


Homework 12/01/2015

Chapter 6 Booklets are due on Thursday!   Chapter 5/6 MC quiz - open booklet - on Thursday! 

Homework 11/30/2015

We discussed how ultranationalism developed in Japan today! We then watched a documentary on Adolf Hitler and the rise of ultranationalism in Germany. We will finish Chapter 6 by Wednesday, December 2nd. We will have an open book MC quiz on Thursday…

Homework 11/25/2015

We had a guest presenter, student teacher Mr. Wenger come in and do a presentation on Source Analysis and examining propaganda posters from the World War II era.  Students worked in groups to answer many of the questions surrounding the propaganda posters.…

Homework 11/24/2015

We completed Chapter 5 - those booklets are now due! We started Chapter 6 and took a look at what ultranationalism is, what propaganda is, and focused on examples of ultranationalism in the USSR/Soviet Union/Communist Russia - how ever we are to describe…

Homework 11/23/2015

We are pretty much finished Chapter 5 and going over the effects of decisions made following WWI. We will start Chapter 6 and Ultranationalism tomorrow!

Homework 11/19/2015

We discussed the idea of domestic and foreign policy.  We focussed on how a country's national interest can change as time and events dictate - and how this can in turn affect how one country then deals with other countries as well.   We went back…

Homework 11/17/2015

Students had to listen to their teacher give a lecture on WWI.  I'm not sure if they enjoyed the class but I sure love giving the lecture to them!  WE begin Chapter 5 tomorrow!

Homework 11/16/2015

Students had their final day to work on their Napoleon position papers.  The Position Papers are due today! We will begin discussing World War I tomorrow!

Homework 11/05/2015

We watched a documentary on Napoleon today - Napoleon position paper coming up next week! Enjoy the weekend!

Homework 11/04/2015

We finished looking at our Napoleon booklets today. We will start the documentary on Napoleon - done by PBS - and students can add information to their booklets. Position paper coming up next week!

Homework 11/03/2015

We will continue with Napoleon tomorrow! Students will need to have completed the notes on Napoleon's domestic policies and the wars that Napoleon engaged in for tomorrow's class.

Homework 11/02/2015

We continued with discussing Napoleon today.  Students had to complete a chart analyzing Napoleon's domestic policies. We will examine "some" of the battles Napoleon fought tomorrow!

Homework 10/26/2015

The students had an open booklet/partner MC quiz on Chapter 13/14 today in class. Tomorrow they will be working on their Chapter 15/16 booklets.  They will have Wednesday's class to work on these as well.  

Homework 10/22/2015

We worked on our Chapter 13/14 Booklets again today...... Here is our plan for the next week.... Friday, October 23rd - Work on Chapter 13/14 Booklet; get Chapter 15/16 Booklets Monday, October 26th - MC Quiz - Chapter 13/14 - Open booklet; work on Chapter…

Homework 10/21/2015

We worked on the Chapter 13/14 booklets today. We will continue to work on these questions again tomorrow!

Homework 10/20/2015

We finished Related Issue #1 today.  Students wrote their MC exam in class. Source Analysis was completed yesterday! We will start working on the Chapter 13/14 booklet tomorrow!

Homework 10/19/2015

Source Analysis was today - MC exam tomorrow for Related Issue #1!   We will start Chapter 13 on Wednesday!

Homework 10/15/2015

Tomorrow will be our last class day to work on our RI#1 projects. Monday = Source Analysis in the Graphics Lab! Tuesday = MC Exam - 68 MC questions.

Homework 10/08/2015

Chapter 4 booklets are due on Tuesday! We will start working on our Projects! MC Exam next week - Thursday.  It will be CLOSED BOOKLET!   Source Analysis will be on Monday, October 12th! Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

Homework 10/07/2015

We worked on our Chapter 4 booklets today - and discussed Non-Nationalist loyalties such as class loyalties, religious loyalties, regional loyalties, ideological loyalties, cultural loyalties.   We will continue the discussion tomorrow!

Homework 10/06/2015

Students wrote an open booklet Ch 3 MC quiz (15 questions).  We followed that up with a quick discussion to begin Chapter 4.  We discussed the idea of nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties.  We discussed the idea of the traditional seal hunt of…

Homework 010/05/2015

We finished Chapter 3 and had a good discussion on the Oka Crisis in Canada. Chapter 3 booklets are due tomorrow - we will have a Chapter 3 quiz - 15 MC Q's. Begin Chapter 4 tomorrow!

Homework 10/01/2015

We watched a documentary on Canadian multiculturalism called the "M-Word".  Yes, it was as exciting as it sounds.  However, I do like this documentary because it does do a good job of examining the issues that Chapter 3 discusses about multiculturalism…

Homework 09/30/2015

We discussed Canada's policy of multiculturalism.  We talked about two people with two different points of view on the topic = George Jonas and John Ibbitson.  We moved on the topic of reasonable accommodation and discussed the case of Baltej Sighn…

Homework 09/29/2015

We looked at and discussed the questions at the end of the Chapter 2 booklet today.  we followed that up by beginning Chapter 3 and focussing on the importance of the words "loyalty" and "commitment".  We also discussed how we, as people can be loyal…

Homework 09/28/2015

We completed the rest of Chapter 2 today in class.  Students have a chart in their Ch 2 booklet in which they must summarize the foundations of nation in Canada for the First Nations/Metis, the Inuit, the Quebecois.  The chart will correspond with…

Homework 09/24/2015

Students wrote a quiz today on the French Revolution. They could use their notes to help them with the quiz.  We will continue with Chapter 2 next week.  Have a great PACK DAY!

Homework 09/22/2015

We watched a documentary on the French Revolution from the history channel today.  We will finish the documentary tomorrow and then review for the students' quiz on the French Revolution.  The quiz is open booklet and will be on Thursday.  It will…

Homework 09/21/2015

We reviewed the events of the French Revolution in class today - the notes that the students have in their Chapter 2 booklets. We will continue to review more tomorrow!   Students will have an open booklet French Revolution quiz coming up soon!  Good…

Homework 09/16/2015

We started class by watching a throw back music video - "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister in reference to the events of the 3rd Estate during the French Revolution.  Afterwards, we started to discuss the events of the French Revolution before…

Homework 09/15/2015

We continued with the French Revolution today and discussed the events of July 14, 1789 and the Storming of the Bastille. We watched a documentary about the event and had a discussion in class following the documentary.   And then their teacher sang…

Homework 09/14/2015

We started working on Chapter 2 today and the major focus is now going to be the French Revolution. Students have a chart in their booklet they need to complete which discusses the 5 factors of nationalism.... Historical, Social, Economic, Geographic…

Homework 09/10/2015

We spent the class working on our Coat of Arms document and/or our Source Analysis written response. Coat of Arms due Monday. Source Analysis due tomorrow - Friday. They have a Chapter 1 quiz tomorrow.

Homework 09/09/2015

We have managed to understand how to create a "Coat of Arms" assignment on google Docs with a little more understanding today. I have to thank my 10 year old daughter for teaching her dad how to use slides on google docs last night.  I was lost until…

Homework 09/08/2015

We had a little bit of a frustrating day learning the new technology that we have adopted.  But the students worked very well and learned lots of good things about how to use Google Docs.   We worked on the "Coat of Arms" assignment - and the students…

Homework 09/04/2015

We finished the book work for Chapter 1.  Next week, students will be working on two separate assignments. Assignment #1 will be a Coat of Arms assignment where they will express symbols of their individual, collective, and national identity as related…

Homework 09/03/2015

Today was an interesting class.  At least for me!!!  We discussed in detail the 8 understandings of nation and tried to explain how each of these help bring people together.  I then made the argument that out of all 8 understandings, that politics…

Homework 09/02/2015

We continued looking at Chapter 1 today in class and examining how Nation and Identity are related. We looked at nation as a collective concept - looking at the meaning of three little words, "we, us, and our".   We also looked at 8 Understandings of…

Homework 09/01/2015

Welcome to Social 20-1.  We went over the course outline.  This can be found on my webpage in the Social 20-1 file. We discussed the difference between nation and country, and how many nations can exist within a country, such as Canada. There are 5…

Homework 06/03/2015

We covered Chapter 11 today - we will go over Chapter 12 tomorrow! Review begins next week!

Homework 06/02/2015

We finished Chapter 10 today.  We will begin Chapter 11 tomorrow.  Several students are working ahead.  Several students are very far behind. We will start review for the course next week!

Homework 06/01/2015

We covered the first part of Chapter 10 today - Chapter 9 booklets are NOW DUE!

Homework 05/26/2015

Students wrote their position papers today.   Multiple Choice is tomorrow!   We will begin Chapter 9 on Thursday!

Homework 05/25/2015

We reviewed in class today!  Big exam tomorrow and Wednesday! Position Paper tomorrow!  Multiple Choice on Wednesday!

Homework 05/22/2015

We completed Chapter 8 today.  Students were given a review packaged for their upcoming exams Tuesday, May 26th - Position Paper Wednesday, May 27th - Multiple Choice The exam covers Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8.  No Napoleon as previously mentioned. We will…

Homework 05/21/2015

Chapter 8 booklets are due by Monday! Position Paper = closed booklet on Tuesday, May 26th. Multiple Choice Exam = Wednesday, May 27th.   Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 Napoleon,World War I, World War II

Homework 05/20/2015

Chapter 7 booklets are now due!  WE started Chapter 8.  I assigned all of the questions on Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, India/Pakistan, and Kashmir.  Lots of questions to do but they are pretty easy! The goal is to finish Chapter 8 by Friday, or Monday…

Homework 05/19/2015

Chapter 7 booklets are now due - we will finish off our discussion on the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda tomorrow and look at the chart of standing for GOOD in the face of EVIL!

Homework 05/14/2015

We had a very good discussion today on the dropping of the bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end WWII.  The debate was over whether these bombs could or should be considered a crime against humanity, a war crime, or a genocide.  We had…

Homework 05/12/2015

We finished watching Schindler's List today.  We will continue with Chapter 7 tomorrow!

Homework 05/11/2015

We continued with Chapter 7 today.  We looked at the Armenian Genocide (Q's 1-14) and the Ukrainian Famine (Q's #1-10). We also discussed Schindler's List and looked at the Shoah - Hebrew word for Holocaust - in the textbook. Students have a chart to…

Homework 05/06/2015

We discussed the shocking results of the Alberta election.  Good discussion in class We finished the Wave - great movie about the rise of ultranationalism in a modern sense. We start Chapter 7 tomorrow.  There will be a Chapter 5/6 MC quiz on Tuesday…

Homework 05/05/2015

Chapter 6 Booklets were due today. We conducted a student vote in class for today's election.  Interesting results for the class.  Post tomorrow! Please watch some election coverage tonight. We watched "The Wave".

Homework 05/04/2015

May the 4th be with you! We finished Chapter 6 today and the booklets are now due! We start "The Wave" tomorrow!

Homework 05/01/2015

Students are getting close to finishing their Chapter 5 booklets.  These will be due by Tuesday! Have a good weekend!

Homework 04/29/2015

Sorry.  Our web browser was not working yesterday.  We have been watching a documentary on Adolf Hitler called "Apocalypse Hitler". We are looking at the rise of ultranationalism in Germany.  We will also be focussing on the rise of ultranationalism…

Homework 04/27/2015

Chapter 5 booklets were due today. We started Chapter 6 and looking at how Nationalism leads to ultranationalism.   We started by examining what multinationalism is and then students were asked to complete two tasks today; 1) finish the chart in their…

Homework 04/23/2015

We finished discussing the topics of Chapter 5 today in class.  Chapter 5 booklets need to be handed in on Monday. Napoleon Position Paper redo's are DUE today! We start Chapter 6 and ULTRANATIONALISM on Monday! Have a good weekend!

Homework 04/22/2015

We discussed more events of WWI including what events led to the Americans joining the war effort in 1917.  We then discussed the chance for peace in 1918 and how the countries involved in the war ended the war on the pre tense that peace would be established…

Homework 04/21/2015

We had a lecture on the beginnings of World War I today - we will continue with this tomorrow!

Homework 04/20/2015

We started Chapter 5 today and the students were given a new booklet. I assigned the first chart to complete on changing national interests.  I also assigned questions #1-9 on Arctic Sovereignty from Chapter 5. The students that handed in their Napoleon…

Homework 04/16/2015

We had our last day to work on our position papers for the Napoleon quote.  Position papers are due tomorrow! We begin Chapter 5 and Word War I next week.

Homework 04/15/2015

Students were introduced to the Position Paper today.  We went over a handout supplied to the students on how to do a position paper and we looked at the question they were given based on Napoleon.  The students had 1/2 a block to work on their position…

Homework 04/13/2015

We watched a documentary on Napoleon Bonaparte.  We also discussed the position paper we are going to write on Wednesday and Thursday on Napoleon.  The position paper will be due on Friday.  it is a PACK day but the students have the opportunity to…

Homework 04/09/2015

We started the class today discussing current events and the upcoming Alberta Provincial election.   We discussed Napoleon's domestic policies in more detail today and tried to figure out what problems did Napoleon's domestic problems solve for France.…

Homework 04/08/2015

We continued working on Napoleon today.  We did notes on the 3rd and 4th boxes in their Napoleon booklets.  We then went to the computer lab to do research as a class on Napoleon's domestic policies.  The students were asked to discover what they…

Homework 04/07/2015

Welcome back!  Today we started Napoleon.  We discussed Napoleon a little at the beginning of class by reading over the intro notes in the booklet I handed out to the students.  We discussed and went over the notes of the first two boxes of notes…

Homework 03/26/2015

Students worked on their Chapter 15/16 MC quizzes.  They can hand in their Ch 15/16 booklets after Srping Break. When we return, we will begin with Napoleon Bonaparte.  Have a good break everybody.  Stay safe!  

Homework 03/24/2015

Students had 30 minutes to work on their Chapter 13/14 booklets.  After this half hour past, students worked on a Chapter 13/14 MC quiz in partners for the remainder of the block.  Tomorrow, students will have time to work on their Chapter 15/16 booklets…

Homework 03/23/2015

Students worked on their Chapter 13 and 14 booklets.  Questions are due tomorrow! They have a MC quiz on Chapter 13/14 tomorrow.  They are allowed to work in partners and use their booklets.

Homework 03/18/2015

Students wrote their Source Analysis today.  They have time to work on their Chapter 1-4 projects tomorrow! I handed out the Chapter 13/14 and Chapter 15/16 booklets already.  We will be working on those next week!

Homework 03/17/2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Students had their Related Issue #1 - Chapters 1-4 MC exam today.  I sure hope they had the luck of the Irish on their side. Students will write their Source Analysis tomorrow.   I handed out the Chapter 13/14 booklet and the…

Homework 03/16/2015

We reviewed for the students Multiple Choice and Source Analysis exams to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I handed out a short review sheet for the students to have.   Here is the plan for the rest of the week!   Tuesday, March 17 - MC Exam day,…

Homework 03/12/2015

Students got to work on their projects for the block.  Many students had trouble getting started as I mentioned to them that they do need to do some pre-planning to help them answer the question being asked of them.  A copy of the project can be found…

Homework 03/11/2015

We finished Chapter 4 and had some debates about certain issues as to how nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties can compete - from the the Little Rock 9, to the Wilson Siding Hutterite Colony in Alberta, to the story of Maher Arar being deported…

Homework 03/10/2015

Students were assigned the rest of the Chapter 4 booklet.  We will finish Chapter 4 tomorrow, discussing how nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties contend with one another.  Your daughter/son should be able to explain to you what that means exactly.…

Homework 03/09/2015

We started class by having our Chapter 3 Open Booklet quiz. We started Chapter 4 by trying to distinguish between a nationalist and non-nationationlist loyalty.  We looked at examples of non-nationalist loyalties related to class distinctions and loyalties…

Homework 03/06/2015

We finished Chapter 3 today.  Students have a Chapter 3 open booklet quiz on Monday.   Have a great weekend!

Homework 03/05/2015

Students worked on questions in their Chapter 3 booklet.  All of Chapter 3 was assigned today.  Students will have an open booklet quiz, 15 multiple choice questions on Monday.  We will finish Chapter 3 tomorrow and begin Chapter 4.  A major project…

Homework 03/04/2015

Sorry for no post yesterday.  I was away.  Today, we talked about the documentary the students watched on Multiculturalism and then we began discussing the aspects of Chapter 3.  The discussion began talking about the idea of loyalty and commitment…

Homework 03/02/2015

Students worked on their Chapter 2 booklets and I handed out the Chapter 3 booklets.  I started class with the students today but I was pulled out to complete some items for the day.  Tomorrow the students will be watching a documentary on Multiculturalism…

Homework 02/26/2015

Students had their French Revolution exam today.  They should have their Chapter 2 booklets completed for Monday. Enjoy PACK day tomorrow!

Homework 02/25/2015

We finalized all of the information on the French Revolution today.  We finished the documentary and discussed some of the other aspects of the French Revolution in their booklets and in their textbook for Chapter 2.  The French Revolution open booklet…

Homework 02/24/2015

Students watched a documentary on the French Revolution.  We will have an open booklet quiz on the French Revolution on Thursday. 50 multiple choice, 20 matching, 15 special fill-in-the-blank questions.  

Homework 02/23/2015

Students watched a short documentary on the French Revolution from the Khan Academy.  We discussed the final few events of the French Revolution in their Chapter 2 booklets.  I gave the students some time at the end of class to work on the charts in…

Homework 02/20/2015

We are working on the Events of the French Revolution in class.  Students should have these completed for Monday in their Chapter 2 booklets. The students should have already completed the charts in their Chapter 2 booklet on the 5 Factors of Nationalism…

Homework 02/02/2015

We went over the course outline today and started Chapter 1 - Nation and Identity. We discussed the differences between Nation and Country and looked at the term "Nation" as a concept. On page 22 of our textbooks, we looked at some individuals ideas…


Homework 12/16/2014

We continued looking at Chapter 7 and examined the 1915 genocide in Turkey as well as the 1932-33 famine in the Ukraine. We also touched on the Holocaust and answered questions in the booklet and also worked on a chart that corresponds to these events…

Homework 12/15/2014

We finished looking at Chapter 6 and how people respond to ultranationalism.  We looked at war as a response and discussed some of the larger events of World War II.  We then looked at how ultranationalism potentially developed in Canada and argued…

Homework 12/11/2014

We continued to examine chapter 6 and how ultranationalism developed in both Germany and Japan.  We also examined some responses to ultranationalism and covered the policy of appeasement - the failure to do nothing and give in to the demands of an aggressor.…

Homework 12/04/2014

Napoleon position paper re-writes were due today! Chapter 5 booklets are also due!   We watched the "The Wave" in class to look at how ultranationalism can develop in a society. We will continue with looking at ultranationalism next week!

Homework 12/02/2014

We completed Chapter 5 today.  Students viewed a DVD on the end of WWI.  We saw how the war came to a conclusion and how the Allies handled the victory following the Great War.  We also looked at how National Interest influences Foreign Policy and…

Homework 12/01/2014

Students continued to work on Chapter 5 - looking at National Interest and Foreign Policy. We continued looking at how the world and individual nations' national interest was shaped by the foreign policy decisions made by the allies following WWI.  We…

Homework 11/25/2014

We began looking at World War I today and the fundamental causes of WWI.  Students were given a handout to cover some of the topic. We will continue with our WWI discussion in tomorrow's class. The students have their NAPOLEON POSITION PAPER'S due tomorrow!…

Homework 11/24/2014

Students took the block to work on their Napoleon position papers. Position papers are due on Wednesday.

Homework 11/20/2014

Students worked on their Napoleon position paper's today in class. They will have more class time to work on their position paper's on Monday. They should be looking at it over the weekend.

Homework 11/18/2014

I went over the position paper with the students in class today.  We looked at the rubrics (marking guide) and outlined step by step how to approach the position paper and how they will be graded.  Next, the students took some time to sign up for their…

Homework 11/17/2014

Students watched Napoleon documentary today!  They were given their Position Paper topic today. We will discuss the position paper tomorrow and then watch some more of the Napoleon documentary.

Homework 11/13/2014

Students watched a Khan Academy video on Napoleon: Napoleon and the War of the 3rd Coalition Students also went to the computer lab to do research on the battles in their booklets.

Homework 11/12/2014

Continued with looking at Napoleon's domestic policies.  Discussed some of the battles that Napoleon fought.  Finished notes on Napoleon in the booklet.  Hoping computers work tomorrow so we can look at many of the battles that Napoleon fought in…

Homework 11/05/2014

We began looking at Napoleon today.  I did a very brief explanation of Napoleon's character and encouraged the students to decide for themselves over the next couple of classes if they believe Napoleon to be more of a hero or a villain.   We watch…

Homework 11/04/2014

Students wrote their Chapter 15/16 MC quizzes today.  We begin studying about Napoleon Bonaparte tomorrow!  

Homework 11/03/2014

We discussed Chapter 16 as a class today and looked at how we as individuals help shape a Canadian identity as the image of the Canadian identity continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.  The students worked on their Chapter 15/16 booklets…

Homework 10/30/2014

Students wrote their Chapter 13/14 MC quizzes today. We will discuss Chapter 16 on Monday.  The Chapter 15/16 MC quiz will be on Tuesday! Napoleon will begin on Wednesday!

Homework 10/29/2014

We covered Chapter 15 in class today - the QUEST for Canadian Unity and examined all of the aspects that bring the people of this country together but also looked at the multitude of reasons as to why this country is fragmented and separated.  We came…

Homework 10/28/2014

We discussed Chapter 14 in class today - what attempts have been made to promote a national Canadian identity. Students had some discussion in class and then they were given time to work on the questions and charts in their booklets. Students were also…

Homework 10/27/2014

Students worked on their Chapter 13/14 booklets in class today.  We discussed elements of Chapter 13 today in class. Chapter 13/14 booklets will be due on Wednesday!

Homework 10/21/2014

Students worked on their multiple choice exam today.  They will be completing their written response tomorrow!

Homework 10/20/2014

We spent a short time reviewing for the Source Analysis first thing this morning.  We went over all of the items that need to be discussed as students prepare for their source analysis question on Wednesday.   The rest of the block was used for the…

Homework 10/15/2014

Students worked on their Related Issue #1 project today.  They are attempting to answer the question, "To what extent is nation the foundation of my identity?"  Students are asked to make their project look like a magazine spread and select sources…

Homework 10/10/2014

Students needed to hand in their Chapter 4 booklets today - about half the class did not hand these booklets in.   Students began working on their Related Issue #1 project and will continue to work on this project next week.   Upcoming soon: Chapter…

Homework 10/07/2014

Students worked on Chapter 4 booklets.  We will watch a documentary on Multiculturalism tomorrow. Students will begin a Project on Thursday.

Homework 10/06/2014

Students completed their Chapter 3 quiz today!  We began Chapter 4 and discussed the differences between nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties and discovered that there in no real clear cut dividing line between the two.  Different non-nationalist…

Homework 10/03/2014

Today we discussed the Oka Crisis of 1990 in Quebec over the expansion of golf course.  The dispute brought a much needed dialogue between Aboriginal groups and the Federal government which led to a Royal Commission on Aboriginal People to give its…

Homework 10/02/2014

Students were assigned to sets of questions in their Chapter 3 booklets.  The first 4 questions are to do with Reasonable Accommodation The second 11 questions are on the Quebec Sovereignty debate of 1995 and the history of Quebec nationalism throughout…

Homework 10/01/2014

We had a great discussion in class today as we began Chapter 3, Reconciling Nationalist Loyalties. We discussed what loyalty means and what contending loyalties mean and looked at two arguments against multiculturalism. We ended the class with a discussion…

Homework 09/30/2014

Students had a quiz on the French Revolution today - a multiple choice quiz. Following the quiz, students had time to complete their Chapter 2 booklets. Their Chapter 2 booklets are due tomorrow!   We will begin Chapter 3 tomorrow!

Homework 09/29/2014

Students reviewed the Historical, Social, Economic, Geographic, and Political Factors of the French Revolution.   There is a Multiple Choice quiz on the French Revolution tomorrow - closed booklet BUT bring your Chapter 2 booklet JUST IN CASE!   The…

Homework 09/24/2014

We watched the Khan Academy presentation on the French Revolution - the 3rd chapter and then discussed the notes the students have been filling in on the events of the French Revolution.  We finished class off by beginning a documentary on the French…

Homework 09/22/2014

Students watched a Khan Academy short video on the early stages of the French Revolution.  I would stop the video from time to time to add some additional information to the events of the French Revolution.   The students next went to the computer…

Homework 09/18/2014

Students watched a riveting and exiting documentary about the Storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 in the city of Paris, France.  The documentary focused on the conditions present in France during this fateful day and how the people of the 3rd…

Homework 09/17/2014

Students started working on Chapter 2 today and we began looking at the origins and causes of the French Revolution.  We looked at the causes listed in their Chapter 2 booklet - there were 8 of them that we discussed.  Next, we looked at the 5 factors…

Homework 09/16/2014

Students had their last class time to work on their Source Analysis which is due on Thursday.  I went through how to complete the final paragraph of their Source Analysis in which the students are to find a connection between all 3 sources and then…

Homework 09/15/2014

Students worked on their Coat of Arms assignment if not completed this project and then began working on analyzing the sources in their written assignment.  There are 3 sources the students need to analyze and link to nationalism.   Source Analysis…

Homework 09/12/2014

Students were introduced to their first writing assignment of the semester.  The Source Analysis.  We will look at this assignment in more detail on Monday but they were asked to look over the sources and begin to generate some thoughts on how they…

Homework 09/11/2014

Students had their Chapter 1 MC Quiz today.   Students then worked on their Coat of Arms assignment  today.  Chapter 1 booklets are to be handed in tomorrow and students should complete their Coat of Arms to be handed in tomorrow - unless they are…

Homework Wednesday 09/10/2014

We finished the Chapter 1 booklet and looked at the questions together as a class for Economic and Social globalization. We covered Political Globalization and reviewed for the Chapter 1 Quiz tomorrow!

Homework 09/10/2014

We completed Chapter 1 today looking at some of the myths of Canadian identity. We looked at the first project of the year - the Coat of Arms assignment.  We will be completing this project in class tomorrow AFTER we do our Chapter 1 Quiz - open booklet…

Homework 09/09/2014

Students continued with Chapter 1 booklet - we discussed the 8 Understandings of Nation and concluded that POLITICS may be the one understanding that all Canadians share as what we have in common or what brings us together as a people.   We discussed…

Homework for 09/08/2014.

Today we continued working on our Chapter 1 booklets.  Students answered questions #1-8 in their booklets.  Their next task was to look at the 8 Understandings of Nation and briefly describe what each means and provide an example of each.  The 8 understandings…


Students completed a quiz on Current Events.  We began Chapter 1 today and students received a booklet. No homework - we will continue with Chapter 1 this week.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Semester 2!!! Looking forward to a fun semester learning about Nationalism!!!