Social Studies 30-1


Welcome to Social Studies 30-1

Reviewed course material and class expectations.  This term we will be examining "To what extent should we embrace an ideology?".  The individual philosopher current event assignment was explained- Deadline is Wednesday, February 8/17- please examine…

Mark Distribution

Final Marks for Term 1 were given out.  Well done!  Good luck on the multiple choice exam next Tuesday.  Mrs. K.

Diploma Exam Part A

Students completed Part A of the Diploma Exam - Hope things went well!  

Review for Part A

Reviewed for tomorrow's Part A diploma.  Be sure to have philosophers and several key examples committed to memory to use in your essay.  Review liberal principles that can be integrated into the source analysis.

Final Exam, Multiple Choice

Students completed the final multiple choice exam today.  Marks will be posted online this weekend.  Review examples for your diploma exam on Tuesday.  Will continue to review on Monday.  Have a restful weekend.

Essay help

Yesterday's source analysis was returned and examined.  Reviewed approaches and evidence that can be used to tomorrow's economics final exam essay.  Study economists and economic events for tomorrow.

Final Exam Source Analysis

Students completed a source analysis as part of their in-house final exam (10% of teacher mark).  Source analysis is valued at 20% of in-house final.  Essay on Thursday - economics theme.

Review for final, Current Events

Events over the Christmas break - Reviewed for tomorrow's source analysis - political theme.  Thursday - essay final Friday - multiple choice final


Ernest Green Story

Viewed the Ernest Green Story - a story of integration at Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957. Wishing happy holidays to the Social Studies 30-1 class!

Exams returned, Ernest Green Story

Students picked up handouts for reviewing purposes!  Began viewing the Ernest Green Story - based on a true story of 9 black high school students in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Will continue tomorrow.

Cold War/Contemporary Issues Exam

Students completed a unit exam on the Cold War.  Review materials will be given out tomorrow. We have completed the program of studies!

Ch. 13/14 open booklet quiz

Students completed the last two chapters of the text - 13/14 - open booklet quiz. Well done - we have completed the program of studies.  One more exam to go - Cold War/Contemporary Events on Monday.  Be sure to study as it is a factually-laden exam-…

Aboriginal perspectives/source analysis

Handout distributed on Aboriginal Perspectives.  Students analyzed two sources for essays, one political and one economic.  Some time will be given at the start of tomorrow's bock to complete the analysis. Ch. 13/14 open booklet quiz tomorrow!  Be…

Latest events

Concluded contemporary issues.  Viewed a clip on an overview of the Cold War. Tomorrow - two source analyses.  You are permitted to use your notes and textbook. Ch. 13/14 questions due Friday - open booklet quiz.

Source Analysis - Cold War

Students completed a source analysis with a Cold War theme.  Remember that ch. 13/14 questions are due for Friday - open booklet quiz.

More contemporary issues

Completed the booklet on the world since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Tuesday - Source Analysis on the Cold War     Thursday - analyze two sources for essays, one political and one economic    Friday - ch. 13/14 quiz - may use booklets

Contemporary Issues

The word since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989...  Contemporary Issues booklet - creation of EU, trade blocs, Palestinian situation....  Ch. 13/14 question booklets given out - quiz on Friday the 16h.

Cold War Legacy

End of the Cold War and its legacy.  Began contemporary issues since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Information booklet distributed.  Remember that chapter 7 questions are due tomorrow and will be submitted for a mark.

Vietnam War

Completed the film on the Cold War.  Vietnam War examined - important concepts - containment, domino effect, guerrilla war, peaceful co-existence.  Chapter 7 questions for Friday.

Korrean War/Cuban Missile Crisis

Lecture - Events from Korean War to Cuban Missile Crisis.  Policies of containment, MAD and detente. Chapter 7 questions are due this Friday.

Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan

Covered events after WW II and beginning of Cold War.  Focused on the Truman Doctrine (containment policy) and the Marshall Plan.  Viewed the first part of film on the Cold War.  Tomorrow - Korean War and Cuban Missile Crisis. Work on chapter 7 questions.

Introduction to Cold War

Examined post-war issues that led to the Cold War.  Handout on key events of the Cold War has been distributed. Work on chapter 7 questions from the textbook.

Essay, political theme

Students completed an essay with a political source.  Work on Cold War questions tonight if you have the opportunity.

Exam, Political systems

Students completed an exam on political systems.  Tomorrow - essay with a political source.

Source Analysis - Political

Students wrote a source analysis with political sources.  Study for tomorrow's multiple choice exam on political systems.  Do the practice exams provided.

Ch. 11/12 quiz

December homework calendar and chapter 7 questions distributed today. today - completed ch.11/12 quiz Tuesday - source analysis Wednesday - Exam, political systems, MC Thursday - essay Friday - begin Cold War

Review/viability of liberalism

How to approach multiple choice questions - group work, political systems. Students received extra exams for practice.  Exam is on Wednesday. Time given to work on chapter 12 questions - viability of liberalism Quiz ch. 11/12 - Monday so questions must…

Liberalism in Practice

Students examined chapter 11 - complexities of liberalism in practice - includes War Measures Act. changes to the homework calendar - Ch. 11/12 open booklet quiz on Monday, Nov. 28th Tuesday - Nov. 29 - Source Analysis    Wed. Nov. 30 -  exam on political…


Notes were provided on Canada's new anti-terrorism legislation and the PATRIOT Act. Viewed clips on the 3 times the War Measures Act was used and on the issues surrounding the implementation of the PATRIOT Act.

Civlil liberties vs security

Handout - extreme groups and War Measures Act.  Limited to freedoms.   Will continue with the PATRIOT Act tomorrow.  Chapter 9 notes deferred until Wednesday.

Hearts of Hate film

Students viewed "Hearts of Hate" and completed an activity on the documentary. Remember that chapter 9 notes are due on Tuesday.

Techniques of Dictatorships

Completed "Swing Kids" film and discussed questions.  Remember that chapter 8 questions are due for tomorrow!

Swing Kids

Continued viewing film "Swing Kids" - techniques of dictatorship.  Will complete tomorrow.  Remember that chapter 8 questions are due on Thursday.

Rise of Nazi Germany

Week ahead - ch. 8 questions due this Thursday.  Issue of reparations, war guilt and hyper-inflation in 1920s. Current events - popular vote and the American Electoral College.  What is behind the protests?  News article distributed.  

Swing Kids film

Students handed in questions on ch. 10, authoritarianism. Began viewing "Swing Kids" film that depicts the plight of German students forced into the Hitler Jugend in Nazi Germany.   Students were given a set of questions to accompany the film. Will…

Nazi Germany exam

Students completed an open book exam on Nazi Germany from Ideologies text. Ch. 10 questions due tomorrow.

Which candidate gets your vote?

election project due - students completed a response justifying who they would vote for in the election. Ch. 10 dictatorship questions due on Thursday.

Exams returned

Exam on democracy was reviewed, emphasis on proportional representation and executive accountability.  Time was given to work on the election project that is due tomorrow.

Exam on Democracies

Students completed exam on Canadian/American democracies - MC, Short Answer and Matching of people and terms. American election project is due on Tuesday.

Written response on Canadian/American political systems

Students wrote an essay on the similarities and differences of the Canadian and American political systems. Don't forget to study for tomorrow's exam on democracy.  Make use of the review sheet at the back of the information booklet.

Ch. 10 ques/chart

Completed chart on Canadian/American political systems.  Worked on chapter 10 questions - due tomorrow. Review for tomorrow's in-class response on similarities/differences between Canadian and American democracies.

Canadian democracy

Students recorded important political leaders and notes from the handout on Canadian/American democracries. CS #1, terms and questions were submitted.  Work on chapter 10 questions - due Wednesday.

American election project

November homework calendars were distributed.  Worked on the American election project today.  Students were asked to select their cartoon and article as a minimum.  Remember that CS #1, questions, page 71, and people/terms on page 70 (total of 24)…

Canadian and American political systems

Students worked on Case Study #1, old Ideologies text, terms/people on page 70 and questions #1-11 on page 71. due Monday, October 31st.  Began recording key differences/similarities between Canadian and American systems.

Introduction to political systems

Essays returned - focus on key words - private property, haves and have nots....  Information booklet on Canadian/American political systems was given out.  CS #1, old Ideologies textbook, p. 70 - 24 terms and page 71 - Questions #1-11 assigned.  …

Essay, economics theme

Students completed an essay with a source based on a particular economics perspective. Tomorrow we begin Canadian/American political  systems.

Exam, Economics fascism & communism

Students completed MC/Short Answer exam on economics with a focus on fascism and communism. Tomorrow - essay on economics.  Come prepared with examples to use (cannot use any outside material during the essay).  Wednesday - Start of Canadian/American…

Review for Monday's exam

Chapter 5 questions were returned and the review sheet for Monday's exam on fascist/communist systems was examined.  Monday's exam will be both multiple choice and short answer format. Be sure to study!

Source-based essay

Students were given a template on how to approach the source-based position paper and two examples were explored. Reviewed fascist/communist economic systems - test on Monday.

Source Analysis - Economics

Completed economics - source analysis assignment.  Review essay tomorrow.

Fascism/Communism Quiz

Students completed a quiz on chapter 5- rejection of liberal principles in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Handouts on templates for Source analysis and an example source analysis with an economics theme were distributed. Study economic principles…

Reactions to liberalism

Reviewed key features of fascism in Nazi Germany and communism under Lenin and Stalin.  Ch. 5 questions are due tomorrow and may be used for the quiz.

Exam, MC Economics

Students completed a multiple choice exam on economics, focus on mixed and market economies.   Remember that chapter 5 questions are due on Tuesday - quiz.

Exam, Short Answer on Economics

Students wrote the short answer portion on mixed and market economies. Remember to study for your multiple choice portion tomorrow.

Review of Economics

Reviewed questions/concepts for tomorrow's Short Answer exam.  Be sure to study.

Completion of the Soviet Story

New Deal poster due today.  Practice multiple choice questions were distributed.  Look over the review sheets and be sure to bring any questions you may have for Wednesday's class.  Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. Kruhlak

The Soviet Story

Students viewed the film "The Soviet Story" that depicts the ideological foundation of Nazism and Communism in Soviet Russia.  The film shows the consequences of the policies of Hitler and Stalin.  We will complete the film tomorrow. REMEMBER THE NEW…

Soviet Russia

ch. 6 questions due today.  Chapter 5 - Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany- challenges to liberalism - were distributed. Handout on communist theory, timelines of Soviet Union and the contributions of Lenin and Stalin. Remember your New Deal poster for…

Capitalism vs Socialism

Recap of the key features of socialism and capitalism. Viewed John Green's Crash course entitled "Capitalism vs Socialism".  Review sheets for next week's exams were distributed.  Remember that chapter 6 questions are due tomorrow and the New Deal…

Modern Liberalism

Source analysis and ch. 4 questions returned.  Samples of student writing are available on the Alberta Education website.  Contributions of Edmund Burke, Robert Owen, etc. were reviewed.  Remember that the second part of chapter 6 questions are due…

The Crash

October homework calendar, chapter 6 second half questions and questions to accompany the film "The Crash" were distributed.  Viewed "The Crash", a documentary on the causes of the financial meltdown of 2008. Work on chapter 6 questions (Due Oct. 5) and…

The Great Depression

Yesterday's exam on Canada's mixed economy was reviewed.  Continued with the disadvantages of the market economy and examined the Great Depression.  Viewed documentary on the Great Depression.  Don't forget to complete chapter 4 questions for tomorrow.…

Canada's mixed economy

Students completed an open book exam on key features of Canada's mixed economy. Ideologies text, CS #15.  Remember to have chapter 4 questions done for Friday.

Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire

Notes were given on the main features of economic systems.  Examined the advantages/disadvantages of the market-driven economy.  Watched a film clip on the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire of 1911 that highlights the problems of an unregulated economy.

Quiz ch. 3/6

Students completed an open booklet quiz (based on questions completed from the chapters.) Marks are posted on-line.

Classical liberalism

Completed SICKO - individualism vs collectivism   Began the 1920s - matching of terms. Ch. 3/6 due on Monday - quiz.  Enjoy the weekend.

Source Analysis

Students composed their first source analysis whereby 3 sources were analyzed and a relationship between all 3 sources identified.  Ch. 3/6 due Monday.

Source Analysis overview

Students were given a sample question of the source analysis assignment.  Tomorrow's source analysis will cover philosophers/writers introduced in Related Issue #1.  Completed SICKO.

Exam, Related Issue #1

Exam, Multiple Choice, Related Issue #1


Completed philosophers' presentations and reviewed for tomorrow's exam.

Philosopher Presentation

Students presented on a philosopher - personal life, theories, movie/song clip...  Will continue you on Monday. Exam on Related Issue #1, Tuesday - review sheet given out. Worksheets on ch. 3/6 and chapter 4 have been distributed so work ahead if you…

Quiz, Related Issue #1

Students wrote an open booklet quiz on Related Issue #1 and philosophers.  Everyone must be ready to present their partner projects in front of the class tomorrow.


Students viewed "SICKO" that contrasts various health care programs in the world. Questions on the film are in the booklet.  Open booklet quiz tomorrow.  Be sure to have all of the questions completed in the booklet.

Overview of booklet questions

Week ahead- Wed. quiz - booklet due - will be submitted for a mark. Thursday - philosopher partner project - all must present Will view SICKO tomorrow - technical difficulties today!

Related Issue #1 concepts

Continued with the political/economic spectrum.  Discussion of themes of ideology- does this include race? Important due dates: Monday - philosophers' chart, including current event article Tuesday - philosopher project with partner to be presented…

Political/economic spectrum

Left and right side of political/economic spectrums - Key terms explained Viewed Crash course on politics and government #35 Completed notes on Rousseau Students were given time to work on Related Issue #1 booklet and philosophers' chart


Political spectrum - where do you fit? Began notes on three philosophers - Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau Work on Related Issue #1 booklet.      

September homework calendar

September homework calendar, general vocabulary list and current events title page distributed. Completed lifeboat activity to illustrate individualism vs collectivism.  Work on philosophers' chart, intro, ch.1/2 for homework.

Swing Kids

Students began viewing "Swing Kids" that is set in 1938-9 in Nazi Germany.  First part of American election was submitted.  Remember that the partner portion is due on Monday.  Work on Chapters 11/12 - quiz on Tuesday.

More Nazi Germany

Students were given the first block to work on American election project.  The individual portion is due tomorrow.  Second half of the class went over key Nazi beliefs.  

Nazi theories, American election project

Time was given for the American election project due this Friday.  Lecture on Nazi Germany.

American Election project time

Students were given time to work on American election project.  Reviewed chapter 11. Handout on War Measures Act will be helpful for chapter 11.

Quiz on Nazi Germany

Students completed an open book quiz on Nazi Germany.  Ch. 11 is due Thursday but will not be submitted until May 3rd when the quiz is done with ch. 11/12.  Work on the American election project.

MAM 3020 Module Final exam

Students completed the final exam for MAM 3020.  Chapter 11 was distributed. Remember that chapter 10, second half, is due Monday.  Work on your American election projects over the weekend.

American election project

Students were given class time to work on the American election project - cartoon, article, candidates and parties - due April 29th.

Exam returned...

Reviewed results of yesterday's exam.  Mystery of the missing CD "Swing Kids".  If unavailable will continue with dictatorships tomorrow.  Remember to study for the MAM 3020 module final exam this Thursday.

Exam, Democracies

Students completed an exam on Canadian/American democracies.  MAM 3030 module exam is this coming Thursday.  Ch. 10 on dictatorships is due April 25th.

American Election project

The project outline for the American election was distributed today.  Ch. 10 and written response on Canadian/American political systems was returned.  Be sure to study for Monday's exam- make use of the review sheet.

WR on Can/Am systems

Completed an in-class written response on similarities/differences of the Canadian and American political systems. Review tonight for Monday's exam.

Democracies in action

Film - Parliamentary system vs Presidential system.  Review of terms. Students created a matching activity of political leaders and exchanged with another student to complete their version. Tomorrow chapter 10 is due and an in-class written response…

CS #1 due

Corrected terms on CS #1, American and Canadian political systems.  Students were asked to turn in questions for marking.  Thursday - chapter 10 questions due.  Topic discussed - executive accountability and proportional representation.  Handout…

Political systems booklet

Completed information on Canadian parliamentary system.  Introduced the concept of proportional representation. Tomorrow - CS #1 terms and questions due.  Thursday - chapter 10 questions due

Chart on Political systems

Students completed a chart on the Canadian parliamentary system and the American Congressional system of governments.  Chapter 10 (due April 14th) was distributed.  Case Study #1 from the old Ideologies textbook - terms/people and Questions #1-11,…

Canadian/American Political systems

What are the key differences/similarities between the Canadian and American political systems? Assignments III and IV for MAM 3020 due tomorrow.

MAM 3020, Assignments III and IV

Assignments III and IV were handed out and worked on. - Due Friday, April 8th Students were asked to submit Assignment II by the end of the block.

MAM 3020 Assignment II

Assignment II was distributed from the MAM 3020 module booklets.  Due tomorrow.

MAM 3020

Marketing and Management, 3020 booklets were distributed and students worked on Assignment I. Assignment I is due tomorrow at the end of the class.

Start of Political systems

Exams on communism/fascism were returned.  Booklet on Canadian and American democracies was distributed. Began working on CS #1, p. 70 and Ques. 1-11 from old Ideologies textbook.  No homework over the spring break.

Exam, Economics, communism/fascism

Students wrote a short answer and multiple choice exam on economics, focus on communism and fascism. Will begin political systems tomorrow.  All outstanding assignments/exam must be cleared up tomorrow!

Source Analysis

Source analysis with economics theme was completed.  Study for tomorrow's exam, focus on communism and fascism.

Essay, economics theme

Students completed an essay with an economics source.  Submitted at the end of the class.  Remember the source analysis on Monday and the exam on economics, focus on communist and fascism on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Review for tomorrow's essay

Students were given back ch. 5 quiz.  Reviewed the concepts of fascism and communism.  Two examples of essay sources were given and a template was provided on how to approach the SS 30-1 source-based essay.  Meet in Room 113 tomorrow for the essay.…

ch. 5 quiz

Students wrote a chapter 5 quiz on Nazi Germany/Stalinist Russia.  Essay tips given tomorrow. Essay (economics source) will be written this Thursday.

Stalin and the Modernization of USSR

St. Patrick's Day quiz -  Review of chapter 5 - 1917 Revolutions, key figures film clip - Stalin and the Modernization of Russia Chapter 5 questions due tomorrow - open booklet quiz

Nazi Germany economy

Key features of Nazi rule.  Controlled private enterprise, techniques used to secure obedience... Chapter 5 due on Tuesday.  Viewed "Hitler's Germany 1933-36).  

Nazi Germany/Stalinist Russia

Began economic systems of Nazi Germany and Russia.  Chapter 5 questions - due Tuesday.  Exams were returned.  Any student receiving under 50% will be red-doored on PACK Day for extra help.

Exam, Market and Mixed Short Answer

Students wrote an exam on market and mixed economies, short answer format.  Chapter 5 has been distributed. Due March 15th.

Exam, Market and Mixed

Wrote multiple choice exam on market and mixed economies.  Remember to make use of the review sheet for tomorrow's short answer exam.  Bull vs bear market...  Chapter 5 questions distributed - due March 15th.

Review for Market/mixed economy exam

Reviewed for Monday/Tuesday exam on market/mixed economy.  Make use of the review sheet as you study.

Triangle Shirt Fire, economic terms

Students viewed a portion of a documentary on the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factor fire that killed 146 people and led to labour legislation.  Worked with a partner on economic terms from Ideologies textbook.  Look over the review sheet for tomorrow's…

Completed Crash

Completed documentary "Crash".  Be sure to turn in your questions.  Chapter 6 questions due tomorrow!

Completion of CS #15 quiz, Crash

Students were given more time to complete an open book quiz on Canada's mixed economy.  Began viewing "Crash", a documentary that chronicles the sub-prime mortgage crash of 2008.  Questions on the film will be submitted when the films completed.  Remember…

Canada's mixed economy quiz

Students worked on open book quiz on Canada's mixed economy - textbook - Ideologies, CS #15.  More time will be given in tomorrow's class for those who didn't quite finish.  March homework calendars distributed. Chapter 6, Part II due Thursday.  New…

Wall Street Crash

Chapter 4 questions due.  Remainder of Chapter 6 questions distributed.  March Homework calendar will be available on Monday.  Read article on the collapse of Wall Street in 1929 and the underlying reasons for the weakness in the American economy.…

Chapter 4 due tomorrow!

Chapter 4 questions must be submitted tomorrow.  Includes the single sheet of 8 ideologies. Completed Great Depression film.  Some time allotted for chapter 4 questions.

Ch. 3/6 quiz

Students completed a quiz on ch. 3/6 related to the Industrial Revolution and classical liberalism.  Time was allotted for chapter 4 questions which are due this Thursday and must be submitted for a mark.

Roaring 20s

Classical liberalism - unbridled capitalism in the 1920s,  Began viewing film on the Great Depression. Questions on ch. 3/6 due tomorrow - open booklet quiz.  Chapter 4 questions distributed today.

New Deal Project

New Deal project was explained and students signed up for a program.  Handouts on classical liberalism, economic systems and the Great Crash on Wall Street, 1929, were distributed.  Work on Ch.3/6 if you have time.

Classical liberalism

Completed presentations and began classical liberalism.  Will explain New Deal project tomorrow.  Work on ch. 3/6 if you have the time.

Exam, Related Issue #1

Completed first exam on ideology and identity.  Marks are posted on-line.

Overview of Related Issue #1

Continued with presentations.  Study for tomorrow's exam which includes current events.  Multiple choice format.

Source Analysis #1

Students completed their first source analysis on ideologies and identity.  Review for Wednesday's exam and be sure to read the current events handout as it will be included on the exam.  Spend some time with your family this weekend.

Related Issue#1 Quiz

Students completed an open booklet quiz on intro/ch.1/2 booklet and on the philosophers. Review sheet distributed for Tuesday's exam.  Read the current event booklet given out on the first day of class as current events will be on the exam also. Next…

Philosophers' Chart/presentation

Philosophers' chart due - began presentations.  Remainder will be done on Tuesday.  BOOKLET IS DUE TOMORROW on ch. 1/2 and intro.  Open booklet quiz.

Issue #1

Completed SICKO.  Maps were submitted.  Worked on philosophers/intro/ch.1/2 booklet. Remember to have your presentation ready for tomorrow.  Philosophers' chart will be turned in tomorrow.


Continued to view SICKO - Maps of Middle East, and Europe due tomorrow Wednesday - Philosophers' chart, presentation due Thursday - Intro/ch.1/2 booklet and philosophers due - must be submitted, open booklet quiz Friday - In-class source analysis Use…


Began viewing documentary "SICKO" and will complete viewing it on Monday.  Students are advised to work on their ch. 1/2/intro booklet questions (Due Thursday Feb. 11th with an open booklet quiz) and the philosophers' project which is due on Wednesday,…


Philosophers' chart and project explained.  Students signed up for two philosophers for their presentation on Feb. 10th. The philosophers' chart may be hand-written in pen or typed.  Hopefully we will locate SICKO for tomorrow!

Class expectations

Course outline, class expectations, February homework calendar, current events title page, Chapters Intro, 1/2 booklets - worksheets and background information, current events booklet focusing on the Syrian refugee crisis, 2 maps - civil war in Syria…

Final class day

Reviewed multiple choice final.  Good luck with the diploma multiple choice portion. Hope the second semester goes well for you, Mrs.Kruhlak

Diploma Part A

No class - students wrote diploma SS 30-1, Part A.

Review WR

Reviewed examples/philosophers for written responses tomorrow.  Final marks distributed. Be sure to study tonight and come to Room 108 for one final review before your diploma begins.

Multiple Choice Final Exam

Multiple Choice final exam.  Marks are posted on-line.  Study for the written responses.

Political Source Analysis Final

Wrote Political source analysis/interpretation for the in-class final. Study for tomorrow's Multiple Choice Final Exam - worth 50% of the overall in-house final exam.

MAM 3020 final

MAM 3020 final administered today. Be sure to review political systems for your Political source analysis on Monday. Tuesday -  MC final   Set aside some time to relax this weekend!

Essay final

Students completed their in-house final, essay portion today.  Study for tomorrow's MAM 3020 exam. 

Written Response review

Two handouts distributed - Written Responses and Quick Studying Guide for the diploma. Be sure to study economic examples for tomorrow's final essay.

More economic review

Completed the short answer questions on economics.  Tomorrow we will look at examples for the written responses. Essay is on Thursday.

Economics Review

January homework calendar distributed.  Reviewed basic economic principles/events/people.  Began short answer questions which will be completed in tomorrow's class.  Make use of the review package. Happy 2016!


Ernest Green Story end

Completed the Ernest Green Story.  Have a wonderful Christmas vacation. MAM 3020 exam will be on Friday, January 8, 2016.  

Ernest Green Story

Civil rights movement in USA - Story of the Little Rock Nine, Arkansas,  Ernest Green Story Will continue viewing tomorrow.

MAM 3020 module work

Students worked on MAM 3020 work.  Please have all 4 assignments finished by Friday.

Vocabulary Quiz

Wrote vocabulary quiz for MAM 3020 and worked on the module.  Will have tomorrow's class to work on it as well. If you have time, work on the module tonight.

Ch. 13/14 Quiz

Students completed ch. 13/14 open booklet quiz today. Worked on MAM 3020 module when done and the rest of the assignments and information books were distributed.  Vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

Cold War/contemporary world Exam

Students completed a multiple choice exam on the Cold War and Contemporary World. Were asked to complete a survey by the district.  Picked up the first assignment for Marketing and Management Module, 3020.  

Source analysis- Cold War

Students wrote a source analysis with the focus on the Cold War.  Remember to study for tomorrow's exam - Cold War and Contemporary Issues.  Multiple choice format.

Review Cold War/Contemporary Issues

Ch. 7 questions returned.  Played Kahoot! as a review of Cold War/Contemporary Issues. Source Analysis tomorrow on the Cold War.  Review Cold War handout.  Thursday - Cold War/Contemporary Issues Multiple Choice Exam.

Cold War film

Pearl Harbor anniversary today...  Chapter 7 questions were turned in.  Viewed film on the Cold War. Take note of the following due dates:  Wednesday -  Source Analysis on the Cold War Thursday - Contemporary Issues/Cold War exam - MC Monday, December…

Vietnam lecture

Vietnam - causes -  main characteristics - Began viewing a film on Vietnam.  Fire alarm, unable to finish. Remember that chapter 7 is due on Monday.

Political essay

Students completed a source-based political essay in today's class.  Remember to have your chapter 7 questions prepared and ready to turn in at the start of Monday's class, December 7th.

Cold War 1949

99 Red balloons - mutually assured destruction MAD Cold War - Why was 1949 such a significant year?   Remember to review for tomorrow's essay on political systems - review philosophers and examples of leadership - Hitler's Enabling Act and rise to power,…

Start of Cold War

Two handouts on the Cold War were distributed.  Source analysis marks are posted.  Dec. 7th ch. 7 due.

Source Analysis, political

Students completed a source analysis with a focus on civil liberties.  We begin the Cold War on Monday.  Ch. 7 questions are due on Monday, December 7th.  Ch. 13/14 are available if you would like to work ahead.  Enjoy the Black Friday weekend.

Political Systems Exam

Students completed an exam on political systems that covered the entire range from democracies to dictatorships. Source analysis tomorrow - focus on suspension of civil liberties, WMA, PATRIOT Act, Emergencies Act, bill C-51.... would be helpful to review.

Multiple Choice Political Systems Review, Exam tomorrow

Overview of WMA, Emergencies Act, Bill C-51, and proposed amendments to Bill C-51 by Justin Trudeau's government. Worked in groups today on disseminating multiple choice questions.  Students now have practice multiple choice questions that they can…

Ch. 11/12 quiz

Current events today -  Ch. 11/12 quiz - check for the marks online. Wednesday - Exam, Multiple Choice on Political Systems Thursday - Source Analysis

War Measures Act

Handout on War Measures Act was given out.  This is very useful for chapter 11.  Chapter 11 was officially due today and Chapter 12 questions are due on Monday.  An open booklet quiz will be done on Monday so you must come to class with both sets…

Hearts of Hate film

Completed Hearts of Hate film.  If you were absent please obtain the notes recorded on current events - Paris bombings, climate change conference in Paris...  Ch. 12 distributed.  Ch. 11 due tomorrow.  Open booklet quiz on Monday for chapters 11/12.

Aboriginal Perspectives, Extremist groups

Completed the reading by Thomas King on the importance of stories.  Timeline for aboriginal rights examined. Began viewing the film "Hearts of Hate" that deals with Canadian racist, neo-Nazi groups.  Ch. 9 notes were submitted.  Ch. 11 questions are…

Paris Current events...

Discussed the implications of the Paris bombings on world events and Canada's role.  Ch. 11 questions were distributed. Ch. 9 notes are due tomorrow!  

Aboriginal perspectives

Continued with concepts from chapter 8 - aboriginal perspectives - story "The Truth about Stories" - will continue next week. Remember to have chapter 9 notes completed on Tuesday.

Ch. 8 concepts

Returned Nazi Germany exams to review multiple choice questions.  Issues in chapter 8 - neo-conservativism, challenges to liberalism -  Doukhobors - began film on Sons of Freedom. Chapter 8 questions were due today. Turn in Swing Kids questions - tomorrow…

Swing Kids Sad Ending

Viewed the remainder of Swing Kids.  Complete and turn in the questions on Thursday. Remember the significance of tomorrow - November 11th.

Swing Kids

Began viewing "Swing Kids" - students are answering the accompanying questions.  Ch. 10, Part II questions were returned. Ch. 8 is due on Thursday.  Tomorrow is the final day for all outstanding assignments/exams/projects.

Nazi Germany

Exam marks for Nazi Germany exam are on line.  All students should have chapter 8 questions that are due on Thursday, Nov. 12th.  What happened in Germany during the interwar period?  How was Hitler able to pass the Enabling Act? Will view "Swing…

Nazi Germany Exam

Yesterday's exam on Canadian/American political systems was returned.  Overall, students did well. Today we wrote an open book exam on Nazi Germany, CS #9, Ideologies text that also included 20 diploma-style multiple choice questions.  Remember that…

Exam, Canadian and American Political systems

Students completed an exam on Canadian/American political systems that consisted of matching people in political positions, terms, short answer and multiple choice.  Remember that the second set of chapter 10 questions are due on Thursday.

Review for Political systems

Reviewed terms/people/concepts for tomorrow's exam on Canadian and American political systems. Be sure to go through all of chapter 10, CS #1 terms and questions and all handouts, particularly the information booklet on Canadian/American political systems.

Written Response on Can/American systems

Completed written response on Canadian/American political systems. Second set of questions on chapter 10, dictatorships, distributed. Exam on Tuesday - review sheet on back of information booklet.

Proportional representation

What is proportional representation?  How would the current seat distribution in the House of Commons be different if Canada had proportional representation?  Ch. 10 questions are due tomorrow and the written response on Canadian/American political…

Comparison of USA/Canadian systems

Completed the chart comparing USA/Canadian political systems.  Discussed advantages/disadvantages of democratic systems.  Ch. 10 due Thursday. Written response will be done in class on Thursday - handwritten.

CS #1 Canadian/American political systems

Marked the terms and first half of the questions from Ideologies, CS #1. Essays and election projects were returned.  Important date change - Written response on similarities/differences between the Canadian and American  political systems is deferred…

Work Block

Work block on CS #1, terms (24) and questions #1-11 on page 71.  Due Monday! Chapter 10 questions distributed from SS 30-1 text Perspectives on Ideology.

Economics Essay

Students completed an essay with an economics source.  Will be marked for Monday. Work on CS #1 questions and terms - due Monday.

How to write the source-based essay

Exam results are posted on-line.  Outlines of how to approach the social studies 30-1 source-based essay were given and you may use these outlines for tomorrow's essay.  Two examples were given and analyzed.  Began the chart on similarities/differences…

Exam, Communism and Fascism

Completed Short Answer and Multiple choice on the economic systems of communism and fascism.

The Soviet Story

Completed the film "The Soviet Story" and wrote on which candidate gets my vote. Federal Election project due today.

Review sheet, Tuesday's exam

Source analysis on economics was returned.  Students worked on the federal election project that is due on Monday.

Source Analysis Economics

Students completed an economics source analysis today. Work on the federal election project. - Due Monday Oct. 19th

A Soviet Story

Reviewed fascism/communism and continued viewing "The Soviet Story". Source analysis tomorrow - review concepts.

Lenin and Stalin

Key differences between the Bolshevik leader Lenin and the Soviet leader Stalin. Work on the federal election project that is due on Monday, October the 19th. This Thursday - source analysis on economics.

Ch. 5 quiz on communism/fascism

Students completed an open booklet quiz on chapter 5, rejection of liberalism.  Exam marks were released. Be sure to work on the election project over the weekend.  No school tomorrow owing to the ATA Teachers' Institute Day.

Exam Short Answer Economics

Students completed their short answer economics exam.  Ch. 5 quiz tomorrow - open booklet. Be sure to have chapter 5 completed.

Review of Economics

Multiple choice exam was returned and examined.  Three answers were changed so check your updated mark on PowerSchool. Short Answer exam on economics tomorrow.  A very specific review sheet has been handed out so be sure to make use of it.

Quiz. Ch. 3/6

completed ch 3/6 quiz and worked on chapter 4 questions.  No more class time will be given so complete for homework.

Classical liberalism

Worked on ch. 3/6 questions - open booklet questions tomorrow.  Chapter 4 questions distributed - due Thursday.

Progressive vs flat tax

Exams were returned and a multitude of handouts given out on classical liberalism. Examined the difference between progressive and flax tax rates. Remember to have your ch. 3/6 booklet completed for Tuesday, Sept. 22nd. Open booklet quiz on the material.

Exam Related Issue #1/CE

Students wrote their first exam of the term on Related Issue #1 and current events. Remember to work on ch. 3/6 - due Sept. 22nd.

Crash - The next Great Depression?

Students viewed the documentary "Crash - the next Great Depression?" A worksheet was provided and students were asked to complete the questions as they viewed the film.   Remember to study for your exam (Related Issue #1) on Wednesday!  Don't forget…

Review for Issue #1 exam

Week ahead - exam has been deferred to Wednesday.  Please make sure to review current events.  Multiple choice format. Reviewed the spectrum today.  Know where ideologies (L-R) would fit on the spectrum. Ch. 3/6 due on September 22nd but don't leave…

Source Analysis

Students completed a source analysis assignment related to Issue #1 - identity and ideology. Ch. 3/6  - classical liberalism and the Industrial Revolution questions were handed out - due September 22nd - open booklet quiz then.  If you have time over…

Quiz Related Issue #1

Students were given a quick session on Google Docs.  Quiz was administered on Related Issue #1 and booklet submitted.  Ch. 3/6 questions were made available.  Source analysis tomorrow.

Tackling the source analysis

Philosophers charts were returned.  May use them for tomorrow's quiz.  Reviewed the major contributions of philosophers and analyzed how to write the source analysis.  An example was provided. Remember that chapters 1/2 and introductory are due tomorrow…

Your ideology

Completed SICKO and discussed.  What ideologies do you hold important?  Complete the questionnaire for tomorrow's discussion.  Philosophers chart was submitted.  Remember that ch. 1/2, introductory booklet is due this Thursday - open booklet quiz.…

more of SICKO

Continued viewing SICKO.  Just a little portion remains.  Don't forget the philosophers chart is due on Tuesday.


Individualism vs collectivism - Began viewing SICKO, a film that portrays various health care delivery systems in the world. World on your philosophers' chart - due Tuesday - or your chapter questions - due Thursday.

September 2018
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