Language Arts!


Short Story Exam

Reminder that the short story exam will fall on Monday or Tuesday depending which class you are in. If you STUDY your notes and quizzes and complete the review sheet that I gave you YOU WILL ACE THIS EXAM!!! Choosing to not study could result in you…


At this point if you haven't read the story GOLDEN GIRL from your text book, you need to. Next LA block you will receive the assignment and will be expected to work on it independently in class.    REMINDER: Don't forget that there will be a quiz on…

ORTs and character notes

This week we are focusing on ORTs and jumping into the short story unit. There wont be any homework assigned so please be engaged in class and participate fully.  

Good Copy Due - ESSAY!

Don't forget to get those good copies done for this week. Use the tools I've given you to write the best possible essay. 

Rough Draft Due after the weekend

Everyone must have their essay planning guide rough draft completed by next LA block before you can use a computer. Make sure to fill out the graphic organizer as well as the rough draft pages. 

Essay Notes

Today we covered the rest of the essay notes and reviewed the basics of introduction paragraphs. There was no homework assigned!

Practice Paragraph

Today we reviewed in GREAT detail the parts of a paragraph and how to write an effective paragraph. Students were assigned a practice paragraph about their personal hero and were encouraged to use what was discussed in the notes to create an acceptable…

Friendly Letters and Collage

Today I assigned the Friendly Letter and Collage to the LA 9.3 class. LA 9.4 class will begin on Friday and both classes will need to hand them in after the long weekend during their next LA 9 block. 

Day 1

Today we went over the course outline and the classroom expectations. We also started our first home work assignment "Getting to Know You" which will be due Sept 3rd. Remember to use full, complete and interesting sentences to complete this assignment.