Hair Massacure 2016

Morinville Community High School will be participating in the 14th annual Hair Massacure.  MCHS students (with parent consent) will be taking part in "pinking" their hair Monday and Tuesday at lunch.  Please help us support this very worthy cause by making a donation of any size.  Please take a few moments to watch this heart warming video:


Also please check out the Hair Massacure's website.


That MCHS is one of two high schools in Canada that is offering a university level English to eligible Grade 12 students, allowing our students to earn regular university credits while still in high school.

MCHS' positive behaviour supports program has a HOWLS lunch every month for students who have earned a HOWLS ticket.  The last HOWLS lunch saw 134 students receive lunch!  HOWLS tickets are given to students who have shown Honour - Ownership - Welcoming- Leadership- Safety at MCHS.

MCHS offers an Urban Agriculture course where students experience the farm to table lifestyle first-hand.  This course offers students a hands on approach to learning.  They participate in butchery, canning, pickling, growing and go on numerous field trips.

                                                                     MCHS is the place to be!

Student Training Program with the Morinville Fire Department

2015-16 Fire Department STP Program

MCHS is proud to once again partner with the Morinville Fire Department to run the Student Training Program (STP).  The STP program is an exciting educational partnership between the Morinville Fire Department and our school.  STP students attend regular fire practice sessions as well as many other exciting training courses related to fire fighting and emergency response.  This is the perfect program for students interested in careers in Fire Fighting, Policing, or Emergency Response.  Eleven interested MCHS students met with Fire Chief Brad Boddez and STP leaders Charles Lavallee, Brett Wilson and Jake Anderson for an information session at the school on Sept. 17th.  Successful applicants will begin training with the Morinville Fire Department in the Student Training Program in October.

Arch Bishop Smith's Christmas Message

Please click Christmas Message to see the message link from Arch Bishop Smith.

Rachel Notley comes to MCHS!!!

Julie Otte interviewing Rachel Notley on MCTV

Julie Otte interviewing Rachel Notley on MCTV

Premier Notley (pre-election) took questions from students at MCHS.  MCTV put on a special broadcast featuring Premier Notley who took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with news anchor Julie Otte.

Check Out PACK Day at MCHS - Our Version of Using Flex Time

MCHS hosts 4 PACK Days per semester to offer students a variety of learning opportunities.  Students had over 50 opportunities to learn something new:  Everything from Public Speaking, Jujitsu, World Cooking, Wood Carving, Salsa Making, Graduate Retreat, Time Travel Discussion, 60's - 70's Classic Rock Discussion to name only a hand full of sessions.  Students were also given the chance to get extra help in any subject.  Great Day!

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