Morinville Historical and Cultural Society Scholarship Award

Morinville Historical and Cultural Society Scholarship Award

Value $500.00

Conditions dependent upon the completion of the scholarship application and meeting the requirements of the scholarship itself:

1. Applicantmust have successfully completed Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2at MCHS

2. Applicant must currently act in the role of a volunteer with a community organization in Morinville, Legal or in the region surrounding these communities.

Application Information Deadline: September 1 of the graduating year

Scholarship Contact Person: MCHS Principal Don Hinks (

Application Process:

Applicants must complete an application that consists of several questions that are to be answered in sentence format.

1. From your experience in Social Studies 30-1 or30-2, what time or event in history interests you the most?

a. Why does this time or event interest you?

2. What are your post-secondary goals?

3. Where are you attending post-secondary?a.Please provide confirmation.

4. What are your plans upon graduation from post-secondary?(i.e. further studies, work in the major area of your current studies, etc.)

5. Tell us about yourself and your family.

6. Why are you interested in this particular field of study at post-secondary?

7. How would this scholarship benefit your learning?

8. Where do you currently volunteer?

a. What are your responsibilities there?

b. What benefits to the community do you see that your volunteering provides?