Course Selection Guide for all Grades


       - English Language Arts

       - Mathematics

       - Science

       - Social Studies and Social Sciences (Psychology)

French Language Instruction and French Immersion (Grades 9 - 12)

Physical Education and Athletics

Career and Life Management (required for High School diploma)

Religious Studies

Performing and Visual Arts

       - Art

       - Drama

       - Music

Career & Technology Studies

       - Media, Design and Communication

       - Construction and Technology (basic welding, carpentry, cabine­try, and small engine repair)

       - Agriculture

       - Audio/Visual Arts

       - Home Economics (Grade 9)

       - Food Studies

       - Fashion Studies

Additional Courses

       - Early Learning and Child Care Program

       - Film Studies

       - Tourism

       - Legal Studies

       - Sports Injury

       - Work Experience

Registered Apprenticeship Program (permits a student to become an apprentice while attending high school)

Knowledge & Employability Program

Online Delivery