New - 2020-2021 Viewbook 

Morinville Community High School offers diverse programming that respond to the interests of our students. In addition to providing a solid academic foundation in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and Social Sciences, our school provides courses that inspire students to pursue their passions and interests. An overview of our course offerings can be found in our Viewbook. 

Course Overview for the 2018-19 School Year 

Academic Programming: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and Social Sciences (Psychology)

French Language Instruction and French Immersion (Grades 9 - 12)

Physical Education and Athletics

Career and Life Management (required for High School diploma)

Religious Studies

Performing and Visual Arts: Art, Drama and Music

Career & Technology Studies

  •        Media, Design and Communication
  •        Construction and Technology (basic welding, carpentry, cabine­try, and small engine repair)
  •        Agriculture
  •        Audio/Visual Arts
  •        Home Economics (Grade 9)
  •        Food Studies
  •        Fashion Studies

Additional Courses

  •        Early Learning and Child Care Program
  •        Film Studies
  •        Tourism
  •        Legal Studies
  •        Sports Injury
  •        Work Experience

Registered Apprenticeship Program (permits a student to become an apprentice while attending high school)

Knowledge & Employability Program

Online Delivery