Senior Boys Basketball Tournament 2017

MCHS will be welcoming the following teams for our 23nd annual invitational basketball tournament February 17th & 18th, 2017:

  • Morinville Community High School 
  • Edwin Parr Composite High School, Athabasca
  • Louis St. Laurent Catholic School, Edmonton
  • Onoway High School, Onoway
  • Barrhead Composite High School, Barrhead
  • Peace Wapiti Academy, Grande Prairie
  • John Maland High School, Devon
  • W. P. Wagner High School

2017 Tournament Draw (Updated as results are available)

Previous Years Results

All games will be streamed live using YouTube on our MCHSmctv account..  Follow this link to 

Results (scoresheets will be posted here as they become available):

             Friday 10:00 am  -  MCHS vs Edwin Parr

             Friday 11:45 pm - Barrhead vs John Maland

             Friday 2:30 pm - WP Wagner vs Onoway

             Friday 4:15 pm - Peace Wapiti vs Louis St.Larent

             Friday 6:00 pm - Edwin Parr vs Barrhead

             Friday 7:45pm - Paace Wapiti vs Onoway

             Saturday 9:00 am - MCHS vs John Maland

             Saturday 10:45 am - WP Wagner vs Louis St. Larent

             Saturday 12:30 pm - Edwin Parr vs Onoway

             Saturday 2:15 pm Consolation Final - Barrhead vs Peace Wapiti

             Saturday 4:00 pm 3rd Place Game - MCHS vs WP Wagner

             Saturday 5:45 pm Championship Game - John Maland vs Louis St. Larent